Restaurant «Pod Lipite»

Traditions with history since 1926

The  Pod Lipite restaurant (Under the Linden Trees) is a place, which has preserved its magic for almost a whole century. It is a favorite place for popular and ordinary people alike, all of whom are connoisseurs of traditional Bulgarian cuisine. 
Our main courses and appetizers are prepared using products almost exclusively from the restaurant’s farm. Meat, dairy, fruits and vegetables – we know their precise origin and we make sure they are always delivered fresh to our Chef’s table. These premium products and their masterful preparation make our dishes irresistible. With a smile we welcome everyone who stops by, whether it be for lunch, dinner, or a casual chat with friends over a delicious meal.

We will be delighted to host your family celebrations and company events. 
We are expecting you!

The Pod Lipite restaurant has two gardens with seating for a hundred people. One of the gardens is in front of the restaurant and the other is in our backyard, where situated above it we also have a veranda, which seats 28 people.

At Pod Lipite restaurant we cherish guests, who love to eat well and who appreciate the rich variety of the Bulgarian cuisine. We prepare various delicacies with real passion so to satisfy the appetites and wishes of even the most demanding connoisseurs. Judging by the...

The Bulgarian national cuisine has many traditions which have been preserved through time. They are not only culinary in nature but are also connected to various celebrations and customs. One of the most traditional dishes present at every Bulgarian spread is a steaming...