Own production of restaurant Pod Lipite

Some of the secrets of our cuisine and why you should dine with us 

At Pod Lipite restaurant we cherish guests, who love to eat well and who appreciate the rich variety of the Bulgarian cuisine. We prepare various delicacies with real passion so to satisfy the appetites and wishes of even the most demanding connoisseurs. Judging by the many satisfied and happy faces of our guests we do indeed succeed. 

The secret is not only in our cooks – masters, who knead homemade filo dough for our banitsa and prepare fancy dishes with great passion but also in the products with which they cook. 

We produce the majority of the ingredients, which go into our main courses and appetizers – meat, dairy, fruits, vegetables, and cereals. 

We prepare in-house all these delights, which you can eat with a piece of homemade bread roll or savor while sipping your cold rakia (Bulgarian grape brandy), delights such as lutenica (veggie relish) and kyopolou (eggplant spread) for example. For the kyopolou we roast the peppers and eggplants on our grill and then we season them. 

Our bread rolls are kneaded and baked in-house as well so we can always greet you with fresh fragrant bread. 

The appetizers - cured meats and sausages such as pastarma and sujuk are made with products from our farm. As a matter of fact all our meat comes from our farm and it is also used for the ground meat, which goes in some of our meat dishes.


Wild game, which is something rarely present in restaurant menus nowadays, is delivered to us by reputable suppliers after it has been carefully selected. 

Our sweet temptations  - all desserts, wild berry preserves, and our blackberry juice are prepared by us with fruit picked from ecologically clean regions around the Rhodope Mountains. 

We also make all our pickles and winter preserves. 

At our restaurant the starters, the main courses, the bread, and the desserts all share the same delicious homemade taste because it is of utmost importance to us that at Pod Lipite you feel at home. 

Come dine with us so you can be convinced that in our kitchen cooking is indeed a sacred art and that we do serve culinary miracles.

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